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Designing 007 – A Personal Project. Part 8 – Licence Renewed to Icebreaker

by WedgeDoc

This is the eighth post in a series about a personal project I am undertaking in which I intend to produce covers for the series of books featuring that most famous of spies, James Bond. It is my intention to produce sample covers not just for the novels of Bond’s creator, Ian Fleming, but also the authorised sequels and prequels that have been published over the years.

The previous post in this series can be found here:

Licence Renewed, For Special Services & Icebreaker

In this eighth post in the series, I’ve arrived at the first of the long running continuation authors, John Gardner. Gardner would write fourteen brand new Bond adventures as well as writing the novelizations of Licence to Kill and GoldenEye. In this post, I present my versions of covers for his first three titles: Licence RenewedFor Special Services and Icebreaker. Each cover is presented below and the following pages each discuss one of the covers and the look and feel I was aiming for with them.

Licence Renewed Full Cover For Special Services Full Cover Icebreaker Full Cover
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