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Brexit – A call for Unity and Reason

by WedgeDoc

I’m in no way an actively political animal. I have my own opinions – some of them are right wing and some are left. I don’t like to discuss them. Yesterday, in the United Kingdom, a referendum occurred which will have massive ramifications for the world stage and my home nation’s role in it. I don’t tend to think in terms of nation any more than I think in terms of colour, creed or any other variations of humanity. In my head we are all humans living on this single speck in a vast galaxy and we should behave as such.

I’m not actively political. I voted to remain within the European Union (EU) – a security net that has been beneficial to the United Kingdom (UK) and made the country the fifth largest economy in the world – a simple google search shows the UK’s GDP climb began in the 1970s when the UK joined what became the EU. The European Union has its flaws and is not the organisation it was meant to be. A shake up is necessary, sure and this could be a catalyst for change. Despite being not actively political, I was moved to post the following on Facebook. I made it public and you can find the original post here.

I’m dissapointed. Not so much with the United Kingdom voting to leave the EU but more with the vicious bile and rhetoric spouted by leave voters who then claim to not be “bigots”. Also by some of the “well on your heads be it” attitudes slung back by the remain campaigners.

Ultimately, the British Public has made their uninformed decision. “What is the EU?” is one of the top Google searches from Britain today. A little late.

What we need to do now as a nation, United Kingdom (Not England – there’s no such country on the world stage and not Great Britain because that’s just a geographical entity, not a country) is BE United. The country won’t crumble into ashes as a result of the slow process of leaving the organisation that has MADE us the fifth largest economy in the world, but there will be ramifications in the mid-term. Prices and taxes will rise.

That is all secondary though. At the moment, all the world sees is a United Kingdom that is divided. It sees the far right seeming to win out and I don’t believe that’s what has actually happened. What has happened is that democracy has occurred. The people voted – albeit from a very uninformed basis. On both sides. Let’s show the world that the United Kingdom.

So please. Stop with the hate. Stop with the bigotry. Stop with the blame.

It’s time that the United Kingdom stopped behaving like a toddler having a tantrum and proved that we can be a responsible member of the world stage without the guardian we have known for almost half a century.

The EU has its problems. Perhaps this is a shake up that will effect changes in that organisation. I voted remain. But I’m willing to stand together and prove that we are NOT a nation of bigots. That we don’t hate others.

Let’s prove that we are tolerant and that we will do what we can to help those in the world less fortunate than ourselves. Please.

Stop. Think. Move forward.

I’m re-posting this on my blog and it’s unlikely to be read. If you are in the UK and stumble on this, then please think about it. It’s as political a statement as I ever intend to make.

Except for when I declare myself Emperor of course.


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